What is SuWEP?

The women of Sudan have come along way in their struggle not only to be heard, but also to be a positive and lasting influence on both the CPA and the people in Sudan. SuWEP is an organization born in exile, and reflects this long struggle and what may have been achieved by the women of Sudan. Since its inception in 1998, where it brought the Sudanese women of both the Southern and Northern section together is working for the same goals. SuWEP has endeavored to develop the capacity of the women on the ground that would be able to promote both development and peace within their communities. Overall, SuWEP is a movement of Sudanese Women working to strengthen and empower women politically, socially, and economically.

Suwep in



Urgent call for Action
Release Galili Khamis
Sudanese Activist , and member of
SuWEP Galilia Khamishave been detained by security since 13th March 2012  with no charged being brought against her
Please help my sharing call for 

Relase Galilia Call for action

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Changing Their World 2nd Edition On AWID website


SuWEP is one of the cases highlighting the importance of movement-building approaches in challenging exclusion and claiming women's rights.

SuWEP one of four case studies have been added to Changing their World: Concepts and practices of women’s movements. These new case studies highlight the origins, structures, strategies, and impacts of the movements of women particularly marginalized by conflict, their occupation, sexual identity or ability.

 Documented between 2009 and 2010, these cases provide important insights into the character of feminist movement building in challenging contexts.

See the complete version on AWID wepsite PDF

SuWEP Grant Round II
Nuba Women Group
 popular  consultation a tool to Good governance and citizenship for south Kordofan region
Kadougli _South Kurdufan-NWEDA Orgnization

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Join SuWEP in Pledging to Stop Rape in Conflict


WE demand urgent and bold political leadership to prevent rape in conflict,

to protect civilians and rape survivors, and call for justice for all—including effective prosecution of those responsible.
These three pillars of the Campaign—PREVENT, PROTECT, PROSECUTE—signal a comprehensive effort to stop rape in conflict.

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SuWEP South strategic plan

Juba- Republic of South Sudan


SuWEP Strategic Direction and Way Forward   October

SuWEP North and South Sectors are conducting their Strategic  Planning meting 2012-2015 October.

Women and 1325

Salmmah Center In cooperation with SuWEP conducting a dissection forum about UN council 1325
Place:Kanon Hotel -Sudan Khartoum

 Grant Round II

Start Soon 2010-2011

SuWEP Groups will start new round of the grant project by latest mid July
this will be the Second round.
The first was three month project for each of the 6 groups of SuWEP (North and South)
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   Current Events

SuWEP celebrating International Women's Day 2012

Connecting girls inspiring futures

This year,  SuWEP, Salmmah women's resource center  included many women’s organizations and involve the general public in the celebrations.

The event aims to promote solidarity and develop Sudanese women's sense of initiative and creativity. It reaches to strengthen cooperation, and increase consciousness of common issues in the spirit of celebrating IWD.

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Sudanese Women Empowerment for Peace Conference  


Sudanese women vision of the referendum scenarios


12th and 13th  December 2010

Ahfad University  

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Grant Project Round II


SuWEP Office with SuWEP Group started Preparation of the Second Round of the Grant Project.

Two meeting were held with SuWEP Management Office Women Empowerment for Peace (Civil society group ), and Southern Women group for Peace (WEPD, SWGP).
The groups eexplored  their first experience with the first round of the Grant Project  

SuWEP Book

SuWEP Telling her history
 a documentation book is coming out soon telling SuWEP history in making peace.
Women's  Common Agenda  on 2010 elections  English Arabic Bookmark and Share
Women's Code of Ethics on 2010 elections         English Arabic